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Most of use think of beautifying or increasing the resale value of a home when it comes to home renovations. However, an increasing number of homes are being modified for accessibility and “barrier free living”.

This area of residential modification may be an investment worth investigating when considering the expected rise in our geriatric population.

In terms of accessibility, people with disabilities require modified homes to enable them to do tasks that most of us are lucky to take for granted such as taking a shower, or using the stove top. The use of some some types of wheel chairs can make standard levels and sizes for home components unreachable so that daily tasks become difficult or nearly impossible to do.

We regularly remove existing bathtubs and replace them with barrier-free showers with built-in seats/benches, grabbars/support bars and easily-accessible shower valve controls that are both beautiful and functional.

Your bathroom can be custom-built for your mobility needs both for the present and taking into consideration future mobility challenges.

For the aging population, living more comfortably in one’s home and safeguarding against injury with such devices as safety tubs can mean prolonging the need for moving to an assisted living facility. And today’s modifications are just as beautifying as they are purposeful.