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1. Prepare your “wish list”. This includes brainstorming together as a couple or a family. Dream about what you would like to have (a fireplace, a pool, etc.). What do you need for your family (another bedroom, a rec room, an updated kitchen, etc.)? Find photos or magazine pictures of styles and items you like.

2. Determine what budget range of costs you can handle. Do you have the money available? Will you need to increase your mortgage, and is that possible? Will what you want to do increase the value of your home for possible re-sale? Would you be better off to move and/or build a new home?

3. Now your wish list needs to be ‘prioritized’. What is most important to you? If what you would like far exceeds your determined budget, we can help determine how much of the things that are most important to you can be done within that budget.

4. Contact us and arrange for a free initial appointment. This meeting should take place at the site of the proposed project, with both members of a couple present. Bring a copy of your prioritized list to the meeting for us, along with the pictures of things you like. We will discuss your ideas and needs, as well as looking at the site to get a sense of where you are starting from and where you want to go.



1. Consider what we have discussed and seen and begin to get some ideas for the design.

2. Prepare and forward to you an estimate of cost for the preparation of design drawings.

3. When we receive indication from you that you are ready to proceed, we will prepare and forward a “Drawings Request” for your signature. You will be invoiced upon completion of the drawings.



DESIGN STEPS: The exact process involved in the preparation of the Design Drawings will vary depending upon the size and extent of your project. However the basic process involves the collection of information, discussion and thinking about that information, and producing a workable design that will produce what you want to achieve. Steps that may be included are:

  • Attending the site to take necessary measurements and photos of the existing building and lot.  (An appointment will be made.)
  • Receive from you any existing drawings you may have of the building, and you lot survey.
  • Determine by-law restrictions.  (Check with the Municipality.)
  • Review the information received from you regarding your desires, needs, priorities, and preferred styles.
  • “Brainstorm” with others in our office re:  ideas for the design.
  • Prepare the design.  Depending what the project involves, the design may include a line drawing, floor layouts, perspectives, and renderings.  Drawings will be “to scale” and will include information which will be needed on the Construction Drawings.  (Check the ‘Design’ button to see samples.
  • Completed drawings will be printed and presented to you for your review.
  • If needed, minor changes will be made and the drawings re-printed.  (Allowance for one revision is included in the drawing cost.)
  • Once the Design is approved a “Preliminary Cost Estimate” can be prepared.


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