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When you are ready to proceed, the next step is the preparation of Construction Drawings. An estimate of cost and a Drawings Request for this preparation will be forwarded for your signature. These drawings will build on the Design drawings, adding all the details and information needed for the actual construction and for the application for a Building Permit from your Municipality. (Check the ‘Construction Drawings’ button to see samples.) When they are completed, 2 sets are required for the permit application. You can make this application or we can do it for you and bill you for the fee and time involved. We will also review the previously prepared Cost Estimate to see if any changes or added detail have changed the expected costs. The Municipality will require approximately 3 weeks for their review of the plans.



The Contract may be prepared before or after the preparation of the Construction Drawings. In either case the Scope of Work is detailed on the Contract and Allowances are specified for certain areas where changes may involve different costs. (For example we usually price a mid-range of plumbing fixtures but you may later choose a top-range fixture.) Costs over the Allowance given would be billed as an ‘Extra’ at the completion of the Project. Other changes made necessary by requirements of the Municipality or by unknown site conditions will also be billed as an ‘Extra’.

There are stages of payment listed on the Contract, including allowance for payment of the ‘Holdback’ required by the Construction Lien Act. Each payment will be invoiced at completion of that stage and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Larger Contracts will be accompanied by a ‘Draft Time Audit’ which will allow you to have an idea of the time required for various aspects of the construction. A certain amount of preparation work may be able to be done prior to the granting of the Building Permit but the main part of the Construction cannot proceed until the Permit is received. It must be posted on site and there are required stages of the construction which must be inspected by the Municipality before the next stage can continue.

It is also important, especially with larger contracts, for you to contact your Insurance Agent and put in place the additional insurance you will require for coverage during the building process and after the building is completed.



Some finishing items may be included by Allowance in the Construction Contract, for example floor finishing. You will be asked to choose the items you want used and we will supply and install them. You may choose to purchase your own finishing items and arrange for us to install them or install them yourself. You may also wish to use the services of an Interior Designer to help you make finishing choices. Check the ‘Interior Design’ button for further information.


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